How do you better identify all matching gift eligible donations?

How do you automatically remind donors to complete paperwork so they can easily apply to their employers to match their gift?

How do you track the status of their matching gift once your donor applies?

How do I report and forecast when the funds are approved when will they distributed?


The first CRM-based Matching Gift solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics, that integrates with your Donation Management system.

  • Identifies all new gifts that are matching gift eligible, regardless of source — offline, web donation page, social, crowdsourcing, phonathon, etc.,
  • Engages with your donors making easy for donors to complete their application
  • Provides an Admin Portal that tracks the status of matching gifts through a customized Dashboard.

Did you know?

  • 7-10% of your total annual giving should come from employer matching if you invest in a managed Matching Gift Program?
  • If a Matching Gift Program is not in place, according to HEPdata, they are reporting that their Clients are yielding less than 1% of their annual giving is coming from Matching Gifts.
  • On average one in ten donors is matching gift eligible.
  • The ExxonMobil Foundation donated a record gift of $1.31 million gift to The University of Texas at Austin. This donation was a match of 353 unique gifts made by the company’s employees and retirees during that year and surpassed the record-breaking amount given to UT Austin during the previous year by 10 percent.
  • 13% of companies match at 2 to 1 or better.
  • 70% of Fortune 500 companies have a matching gift and volunteer program.

What does xRM Matching Do?

  • Automates follow-up for matching gift opportunities through branded drip email.
  • Tracks status of matching gift opportunities in real-time.
  • Alerts you when forms have been submitted.
  • Links to third-party payors (Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause) for easy certification.
  • Drives all matching gift opportunities to completion.
  • Custom emails delivered as often as you would like to remind donors to submit paperwork.
  • Tracks when forms are submitted.
  • Identifies all eligible matching gifts processed online or offline (i.e., manual entry, via donation page, social giving, mobile, phonathon, etc.)
  • For all donors that have given over the last 12 months, generates a report that includes their employer and donation amount.
  • Identify all employers in your constituent file that have matching programs and have HEPdata run an Automatch to determine eligibility and respective ratios. This will enable you to build a ROI model.
  • Engage donors that work for matching gift eligible employers by using xRM Matching.
  • Simplifies the ever so critical step of applying for funds be essentially handfeeding all the information to the respective party.
  • Receive incremental Funds that you never knew were available to you, and most importantly, celebrate the win!


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