“The UW was looking for a platform Advancement solution that would give us extensibility and control in every aspect of the system – data schema, user functionality, workflows, integrations, all of it. We were really excited about the combination of stability and flexibility xRM had to offer. The xRM solution leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers mature Advancement-specific functionality while also giving clients the most flexible and adaptable tools we’ve seen in order to accommodate virtually any kind of custom process or need. We get the benefits of a solution built for both traditional and emerging Advancement needs, without being locked into lowest common denominator kinds of processing constraints. This combination of strong out-of-box functionality and genuine flexibility, all supported by an impressive and knowledgeable conversion team, was paramount in our decision to move forward with xRM.”

Michael Visaya
Asst. Vice President / Information Management
UW Advancement

Universities, colleges and even private primary-education institutions have unique fundraising and alumni/donor management needs. We understand that. We deliver a solution that better caters to the interaction and integration needs between alumni departments, development offices and constituents to drive better fundraising results.

The xRM Foundation solution is designed to help fundraisers be more effective and efficient, therefore increasing their fundraising success. The solution intuitively guides the advancement officer through the institutions approved process and automates as much as possible.

xRM Foundation is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and resides in the intelligent Microsoft cloud. It can be easily configured and customized to resonate perfectly with the uniqueness of any institution, regardless of the complexity of their requirements.

  • Steward and Cultivate relationships with a 360 view of your constituent
  • Maximize team collaboration
  • Ensure seamless information access as needed through modern tools, workflows, and dashboards
  • Deliver enhanced performance metrics to key stakeholders in easily consumable ways by using the power of native reporting, visualization, and dashboards
  • Raise more by analytics-driven insights into financial, demographic, behavioral, and lifestyle characteristics of your prospects
  • Streamline your fundraising by consolidating disparate processes, communications, and donor data into one fundraising and CRM solution

It’s not about putting data into the “system.” It’s about your fundraising solution delivering you actionable outputs and insights which automate processes and help you contact the right donor with the right message at the right time to drive more funds raised.

From smarter research and prospecting, stewardship and tasks management, to workflow and data access our solution is designed to help fundraising employees know what to do next and automate as much as possible in the way your organization wants to work.

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