This model is specifically for users that already know what they want the product to do and simply want to leverage one of our resources and Dynamics CRM consultants to do the work. It is designed to provide on-demand CRM consulting services through our 10 hour prepaid blocks of time. The time never expires and is consumed in 30 minute increments.

Maybe you have some ideas about what you would like your CRM solution to do for your business, but you are not quite sure how to translate your ideas into practice. Or, you have requirements that you gathered yourself (or paid another consultant to gather) that you are ready to implement. Or, maybe you need assistance with a few small customization or integration projects. Buying a prepaid time block of CRM consulting services compliments the self-service model nicely and allows you to access our Professional Services in convenient blocks of time that never expire on an as needed basis.

There is no project management or architectural guidance in this model. At the risk of being repetitive, customers that select this option already know what they want to do with the product and are simply looking to work with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant that knows the product inside and out and will be able to follow their direction expeditiously. Just like the name says, in this model our resources will follow your lead.

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