As you surely know by now, there is a stampede toward cloud-based technology, as businesses of every size and shape seek an easier way for technology to support their business operations.

Here at xRM we believe that the best way to adopt any new technology is to try it out – and with cloud-based services, this is especially easy because there is no equipment to purchase, and no financial risk to get started.

That’s why we have made it very easy for you. With one simple form, you can set up Microsoft trials for up to three major Cloud offerings:

Office 365

If you have ever used Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, you are familiar with the flagship set of office productivity applications that has revolutionized computing over the last twenty years. However, what you may not be familiar with is that Microsoft has brought the entire suite to the cloud. A Microsoft 365 trial will show you how all of the Office applications are available from anywhere there is an Internet connection, with convenient cloud storage of all of your files. With a Microsoft 365 Office trial, you’ll also experience real-time collaboration of documents with multiple team members. By filling out the form on the right, you can obtain an Office Microsoft 365 Trial.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 holds up the promise of a comprehensive transformation of your business. The reason why this is true is because of the wide breadth of business applications that are included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – everything from Financials to Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, and even enterprise-class Operations. Through a Microsoft 365 trial, you will find the most significant aspect of this wide breadth of functionality is that it rests on the same data model as Office 365, so integration between your Office and Back-End business functions is seamless. Part of this suite was formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so if you are looking for a powerful and evolved Customer Relationship Management solution, look no further than the Dynamics Microsoft 365 Trial.


For many years, offices were saddled with expensive upfront costs associated with running their business software in the form of powerful servers, expensive disk arrays, costly server software licenses, and complicated network equipment. Those days have truly passed, with 120,000 business migrating to Azure PER MONTH! Nevertheless, there are still many businesses struggling with the purchase and ongoing maintenance of such equipment to support their applications – perhaps your business is one of them. But it doesn’t have to be. With a Microsoft Azure trial, you’ll find that it’s quite possible to migrate part or all of your infrastructure to the cloud, where Microsoft, not you, is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and support of machinery and networks that drive your business applications. One of the best parts of a Microsoft Azure trial is that you can get started now, at no cost. Just fill out the form on the right and we will take care of the rest, and within hours, you will have a Microsoft Azure Trial.