When you need new software to support your business, you generally have two options. You can gather requirements, hire developers, code, test, and deploy the software in house, or you can hire a boutique software studio to perform all of the required steps for you. Both approaches are expensive and rife with risk. Schedule slips, staff turnover, bugs, and cowboy coding can sabotage your project, leaving you with expensive vaporware.

Teaming with xRM for Microsoft software development should be a core part of your risk mitigation strategy.

Leveraging the Microsoft .NET Framework by Microsoft and the applications sitting on that framework, the professional .NET development and testing teams of xRM can build stable and powerful applications that precisely meet your business requirements.

Provide us with your requirements or utilize our consulting services to help define the requirements of your Microsoft software development project. After the requirements are gathered, our talented development team will craft your software more quickly and more affordably than you probably thought possible.

xRM specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and plug-ins as well as .NET framework by Microsoft and Microsoft ASP.NET development.

In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM customizations and plug-ins, our experienced professional software development team can build custom desktop and web applications. We can also work with your in-house staff to handle data migration and transitioning from legacy applications, including assisting with the move from Siebel to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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