Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Are you looking for a free place where you can roll up your sleeves, get Microsoft Dynamics CRM training, and then implement on your own? If you are then today is your lucky day. That is precisely what we have. Did I mention it was free? That’s right – FREE! Here is how it works…

Our Success Portal is a giant digital (videos) library solely focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM training. Our CRM course videos are usually about five minutes and will focus on specific “how-to” common questions. While we certainly cannot guarantee that every question or topic you may need assistance with will be addressed in a short CRM course video on the Success Portal, that is our long-term goal. We proactively make at least one new video per week and we have over 500 videos for you to start with. Obviously a pretty simple approach – Need some help or have a quick question simply login to the Success Portal and enter your question. If a Microsoft Dynamics CRM training video exists, watch it and hopefully you can then complete your work on your own. If a video does not exist you can submit your question to us and if we feel like it is something all our customers can benefit from, we will make a new CRM course video that addresses your question and post it on the Success Portal. Most importantly, it won’t cost you anything.

In addition to short “how-to” videos the Success Portal also has preconfigured courses that will teach you Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Click here to access the Success Portal.

If this sounds like the model you have been looking for or if you don’t know where to begin, our popular “Your Successful CRM Deployment” covers the why’s and how’s in five-minute chunks of your time. At the end of this course you should have a pretty good idea what direction to take and what the first steps are in deploying your instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sign up now.


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