You’ve made the important decision to manage your business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but we know that your company was probably not established yesterday. With years’ worth of essential information stored in their current systems, we understand our clients’ concerns about their vital data transferring reliably and seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Worry no more! Whether your need is for initial or ongoing data migration, xRM’s experienced and professional managed services team has the right database migration tools that will help you to minimize the risk of data loss, while also ensuring that your business is not interrupted during the migration process.

Microsoft’s Data Migration Framework and Outlook CRM Integration (included within Dynamics CRM) are valuable tools, but they are not infallible in their ability to migrate your important data into your new CRM deployment. Every business is different, and the ease of migration varies according to the amount and type of data requiring transfer. The data migration plan is often very complex, and simple mistakes in its execution can result in significant loss of sensitive data. Don’t let this happen to you!

The most critical step in preparing for a successful data migration plan is to effectively convert your data from formats or platforms that are unable to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This data scrubbing can be a delicate and time-consuming process, but our expert team is happy to take care of this tedious task and put your mind at rest. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for projects involving data scrubbing and migration as part of your CRM software installation and deployment. xRM offers reliable database migration tools and conversion services, completed via a Statement of Work (SOW) and at a fixed cost.