A virtual dedicated environment is a partition of a server that is dedicated to running the applications of your business, such as the hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. xRM hosts the infrastructure that forms the dedicated environment. Unlike in a shared environment, no other organizations share the application(s). It is reserved for your organization’s use only. In a virtual dedicated environment, you may also have administrative privileges over your partition of the server, which means you are in control of how what runs there. For example, you can install additional software, provided that you have the appropriate licensing rights (and that software does not interfere with other software on that machine), and you can make your own code modifications to the installed software. You are able to perform actions that you typically would not be able to do in a shared environment (install custom plug-ins or integrated software that extends the functionality of the services you subscribe to). You can even host your website on the same virtual server environment.

You pay a one-time setup fee to provision the virtual dedicated environment, have security principles applied to your hosted infrastructure, have backup software installed and configured, and have any software that you subscribe to from xRM installed and configured, such as hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM. After the virtual server environment setup, xRM maintains the hardware infrastructure used to provide these services to you.

In a virtual dedicated environment, you rent and control a fixed portion, or partition, of a server machine. This fixed partition acts as a separate virtualized server, and each virtualized server uses a set fraction of the entire server machine’s resources. In a sense, the virtual server environment machine’s CPU, memory, storage space, and bandwidth are subdivided into several smaller, distinct virtual servers. A virtual configuration is good for companies that do not need the full capacity of a server machine, but still need or want a dedicated environment. When we leverage virtualization, we use Microsoft Hyper-V (Windows 2012 R2). A virtualized configuration is best if you want a great deal of control over the server but only require a limited amount of resources. For example, a virtualized configuration can handle up to approximately 15 Microsoft Dynamics CRM users plus a low-volume website.

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