Rapid Deployment, Lasting Results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a piece of the Microsoft Online Services portfolio, allows businesses to cultivate and maintain customer relationships. Hosted by Microsoft, CRM Online is a cloud-based tool that centralizes customer information, streamlines sales cycles, and automates lead management.

A low-cost monthly subscription makes Hosted CRM Dynamics Online a viable option for any business looking to avoid the investment of time and money an on-premise model requires. As cloud based CRM, Dynamics by Microsoft allows you to sign up via the internet and be fully operational in as little as a matter of minutes. If you wish to test this solution before subscribing, xRM can extend to you Microsoft’s free, one-month trial of cloud based CRM Online with no reduction of features or functionality. If at any point during the trial you wish to activate a subscription to Hosted CRM Dynamics, you can continue working in the same instance, and will not have to change environments, move data, retrain users, or suspend work.

With a similar interface to Microsoft Office products, cloud based CRM Online should require little adjustment time of anyone familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem. Hosted CRM Dynamics reduces the learning curve and increases productivity, contributing to a rapid return on investment (ROI).

CRM Online excels in scalability, allowing anywhere from 5 to 50,000 users to log in and operate simultaneously. This solution is not designed for one specific class of business, but rather for a multitude of business sizes and specialties. The scalability of CRM Online allows you to add or remove users as your business evolves.

Microsoft cloud CRM Online is accessible from any web-enabled device—from a desktop computer, to a smart phone. To make it easier to use on smaller screens, CRM Online also comes with Mobile Express, a low-bandwidth view of the interface, optimized for navigation on smart phones. Mobile Express is configurable, and is included at no extra cost, making CRM Online a truly mobile online service. The user always has the option to use the Mobile Express view or the standard view. With Mobile Express, users can stay connected with coworkers and customers while on the go, and do so across a multitude of devices.

CRM Online Dynamics by Microsoft is a high-value solution with a low subscription cost. As a cloud-based service designed for a smooth deployment, CRM Online is highly accessible to a wide range of organizations. As a provider of business solutions, xRM can provision your free trial or subscription of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as soon as you are ready.

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