At xRM, we offer a wide variety of CRM customer services, all of which revolve around Microsoft technologies. For simplicity, we break them down into three categories: application hosting, software development, and consulting.

Value – At the risk of sounding unoriginal, our Microsoft consultants deliver value at all times. It is a simple concept to which we have always adhered. Technology can be confusing. Our job as a CRM provider is to understand how technology can help your business, and provide value in the delivery of our services.

Accountability – We remain accountable as your CRM provider at all times. We stand behind everything we do, and strive to over-communicate with our customers.

Simplicity – We keep technology simple. These days, a typical line-of-business deployment will involve hardware, software, services, etc. The job of our Microsoft consultants is to focus on our customers’ business needs and, regardless of the complexity of the solution, keep things simple.

Agility – We maintain an agile team of resources ready to assist our customers at a moment’s notice. Although we always prefer having proper lead-time and a well-thought-out project plan in place before commencing work, we understand that business sometimes does not account for this, and companies need immediate assistance. Our agile development methodology helps compensate for unexpected business factors.

Customer Service – While providing all of the above (value, accountability, simplicity, and agility), we provide excellent CRM customer service. We are courteous and responsive at all times, and when problems arise, we over-communicate with our customers.

Please contact us to have an account executive follow up with you.