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How much can I save?

To figure out how much store can save you; two things are required. First, you need to know what your Additional Database Capacity is.

Here is how you can find out what your Additional Database Capacity is:

  1. Login as an admin to your Microsoft Power Platform.
  2. You should be on or viewing the Capacity screen. You should see a section/table called Storage Capacity Usage.
  3. To the right you will see another section/table called Storage Capacity, by Source.
  4. Under Source you will see a line item for Additional Capacity. It will be broken down into three columns: Database, Log, and File.
  5. store focuses on the Additional Capacity Database Size.
  6. Share your database size with us by clicking here and we will get back to you with how much we can save you.

Second, you need to know how much you are paying for overages. Look at the itemized charges on your Microsoft invoice to confirm the cost. If you don’t see the overage cost, you will need to contact Microsoft

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