With more than 500,000 customers worldwide, Constant Contact is one of the most innovative online marketing companies in the world. Its products combine best-in-class features with unbeatable training resources to create a wildly effective marketing suite. The company offers five main products, all delivered via the web as software-as-a-service (SaaS): Email Marketing™, Social Campaigns™, EventSpot™, SaveLocal™, and Online Surveys™. Constant Contact Social Campaigns helps you create and successfully manage advertising campaigns on social media platforms. EventSpot is an event marketing tool that makes it easier to promote, sell tickets, register participants for events. SaveLocal provides an affordable alternative to deal promotion services such as Groupon®. Online Surveys provides the tools needed to create secure online polls and surveys and analyze the results.

The company’s core, and most popular, offering is Constant Contact Email Marketing, which is widely regarded as one of the finest email marketing service available. As an avenue to reach potential customers, email marketing offers the highest return-on-investment (ROI) and is the most efficient and cost-effective medium available for consistently reaching consumers and turning leads into customers. While there are now several good email-marketing services on the market, professional reviewers and business owners consistently laud Constant Contact Email Marketing for being easy to use, offering a huge variety of excellent email templates, and helping to retain loyal customers.

Constant Contact offers its Email Marketing service in tiers, starting at $15 per month for 500 contacts and increasing according to the number of email addresses stored in the system. The company offers a 15% prepay discount and a 30% prepay discount for nonprofits. You can also take advantage of the Constant Contact Email Marketing free trial to try out the service before you commit.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Features

Constant Contact Email Marketing offers a deep and incredibly useful feature set that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

  • Customizable Templates – Email Marketing contains hundreds of customizable templates that allow you to create professional looking HTML emails quickly and efficiently. Insert images, logos, or videos to create multimedia messages.
  • One-Click Editing – Email Marketing makes it incredibly easy to create precisely branded messaging. No HTML knowledge is required.
  • Advanced Campaign Tracking – It’s good to send out beautiful HTML emails that introduce your company to new customers and build brand awareness. It’s better to know exactly how your current and potential future customers receive your messaging. The tracking and reporting features of Constant Contact Email Marketing give you important insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns. See who opens your emails and which links they click. Compare the performance of all your campaigns.
  • Social Media Integration – The built-in social stats features help you monitor your likes and shares across the various social media platforms.
  • Secure, Permission-Based Email Lists – Constant Contact Email Marketing includes features that help you build truly valuable lists of people who want to receive your marketing messages.
  • Anti-Spam Checker – The Anti-Spam checker of Constant Contact’s Email Marketing gets your messages past spam filters and delivered to targeted inboxes 97% of the time.
  • Apps and Integrations – Using various add-on tools, Constant Contact Email Marketing integrates with a variety of CRM, accounting, and e-commerce applications.

Constant Contact CRM Integration

Recognizing the potential benefits of Constant Contact for our customers, we created xRM Constant Contact CRM Integration for Microsoft Dynamics, a tool that seamlessly blends the two products together to create a powerful email marketing solution.

xRM Constant Contact CRM Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Create and update marketing lists inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and synchronize them with your Constant Contact CRM integrated account in real time.
  • Synchronize contacts, leads, accounts, and e-mail campaigns between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and your Constant Contact CRM integrated account.
  • Choose which CRM marketing lists should be synchronized with your Constant Contact CRM integrated account, allowing you to maintain legacy lists in Constant Contact without affecting your CRM data and vice versa.
  • Access Constant Contact reporting data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including the number of opens, clicks, bounce backs, and opt-outs each e-mail campaign receives, making it easy to track and compare the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns over time.
Learn about xRM Constant Contact CRM Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.