Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

AbleBridge Project Management CRM is a powerful CRM add-on that delivers comprehensive project management capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Combine CRM and project management to easily define and manage projects for greater team visibility, associate project tasks for real-time, distributed project collaboration; and maintain scope control with pre-defined milestones so you can measure actual vs. estimated costs to keep your project on schedule and under budget.

AbleBridge CRM and Project Management Features & Benefits

  • Centralized Project Management – Centralized view of overall Microsoft CRM and project management information: project tasks, project team, budgets, milestones, resource utilization, time and expense management.
  • Project Templates –Using CRM for project management, create Project Templates to reduce administrative time and instill consistency when defining new projects.
  • Project Task Summary View – Real-time project task summary provides you with quick visibility into a project’s estimated time vs. billable time vs. actual time spent for each project. Group project tasks by category for efficient project accounting and resource time management. Export to Excel feature provides real-time project status reports for internal and external project reviews.
  • Task Project Management in CRM – Convert incoming emails to a project task and assign a resource from within Microsoft Outlook so you can respond to a customer change request more quickly.
  • CRM and Project Management Automation – Customizable workflows and automated email alerts streamline task assignment and status updates, as well as facilitate communication across the project team.
  • Timesheets – Timesheets allow for quick bulk time entry. Record time for multiple customers, projects, and tasks from one simple interface. Use approval workflows to provide the oversight necessary to keep projects on track and within budget.
  • Invoice Integration – Create an invoice that automatically pulls in project time entries so you can generate and send customized PDF invoices with just a few clicks (includes native integration to the Invoice entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM which can also be used with other accounting software packages).
  • Expense Tracking – Simple expense reporting features allow you to track non-time based expenses related to a project for things like airfare, lodging, mileage and entertainment expenses.
  • Dashboards – Real-time dashboards provide a quick graphical view of the current health of your projects. Identify which projects are on track and which are not. When managing CRM projects, you can also drill down into the details to identify underlying problems for quick resolution.
  • Document CRM and Project Management – Track project documents in using notes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, employ native integration with Microsoft SharePoint, or use AbleBridge Document Manager.
  • Fast, Flexible and Easy to Deploy – Get up and running quickly (15-20 minutes) whether you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM online or on-premises. Regardless of your deployment, you get the same great user experience and project management CRM solution.

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