EditAble CRM Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

AbleBridge’s EditAble CRM Grids are flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons that allow you to build extraordinary Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.

This Dynamics CRM EditAble Grid supports in-line edits, flexible layout options, in-line controls, Microsoft Excel export, section grouping, sorting, totals and much more.

Features & Benefits

  • Inline Editing – Update, create or delete records from one screen. Update information for several records without having to launch individual Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.
  • Group & Summary Options – Summary Options (sum or count) can be displayed by Group and/or Total (footer)
  • Dynamic Grouping – A Dynamics CRM EditAble Grid can be configured to allow a user to choose how s/he wants to group information. Easily switch between different groupings from the grid’s toolbar.
  • Dynamic Grids – Create an association between related grids where changes to one grid rollup to the other.
  • Export to Excel – Export information from any EditAble CRM Grid into Microsoft Excel. Data can be exported as formatted in the grid, retaining its grouping and summary options, or as raw, unformatted data for further processing.
  • Inline Calculations – Similar to Microsoft Excel, you can use a Dynamics CRM EditAble Grid to create calculations based on information in other fields.
  • Add Grids to the Navigation Pane (Sitemap) – An EditAble CRM Grid can be configured to launch from the Navigation Pane. Choose which records will be displayed by defining specific criteria in the EditAble CRM Grid’s configuration record.
  • Multi-Currency Support – Multi-currency support is inherited from the currencies and exchange rates set up in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Any currency set up in your system can be used in your EditAble Grids.
  • Multi-Language Support – Language support is available for English, Danish, French and German. Additional languages can also be added.
  • Customizable Toolbar – Custom toolbar buttons can be used to interact with information in the Dynamics CRM EditAble Grid, launch to external sites, or even extend the EditAble CRM Grid’s functionality.
  • Custom Events – Execute custom JavaScript triggered by EditAble CRM Grid events defined in the Events section in the EditAble Grid’s configuration record.
  • Filtering Options – The Quick Filter option allows you to display a search box on the grid’s toolbar so you can quickly filter your data. You can also configure a Filter Panel to add real-time filters to your EditAble CRM Grid.
  • Inherits CRM Security – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Security Roles are inherited so the same privileges and access levels to information in the EditAble CRM Grid are maintained.
  • Easy to Configure – You don’t have to be a developer to setup your own Dynamics CRM add-ons. A helpful Configuration Wizard guides you through the process. Define options such as Grouping, Sorting, Columns, and more, all within a standard CRM record.
  • Fast, Flexible and Easy to Deploy – Get up and running quickly (15-20 minutes) whether you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM online or on-premises. Regardless of your deployment, you get the same functionality and same great user experience with Dynamics CRM add-ons.

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