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Understanding Data Storage and Overage Fees

Microsoft breaks your Dynamics storage up into three categories: Database storage, file storage, and log storage. Each category includes a default storage size that is included in your licensing costs, plus additional storage is added at no additional cost for each enterprise licensed user. The default database storage included with your subscription is 10 GB, plus an additional 250 MB per enterprise licensed user. Data storage above and beyond this would cost you $40 GB per month. The default file storage included with your subscription is 20 GB, plus an additional 2 GB per enterprise licensed user. File storage above and beyond that is $2 GB per month. Lastly, log storage is 2 GB. The easiest way to check the sizes of your databases is to login to the Microsoft Power Platform. Additional Database Capacity, which is shown in the section/table called Storage Capacity, by Source is going to tell you how much database overages you have.

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