Marketing professionals know that the marketplace is changing. Customers are engaging with sales people much later in the buying process than ever before. They are also conducting much of their research on their own. At the same time, marketing professionals are facing increasing pressure to prove to upper management that their efforts are working and delivering value.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing features a new Dynamics CRM campaign management tool from Microsoft that is designed to help marketing professionals plan and deliver engaging campaigns that return concrete, quantifiable results. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing campaign management focuses on helping companies market smarter by attracting customers through multi-channel, multi-stage campaigns; building the sales pipeline through lead scoring and automated lead qualification; and demonstrating return on investment with advanced marketing analytics in the form of dashboards, reports, and Excel PowerView.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Features

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Projects

Seamlessly shift marketing plans into campaigns with minimal effort in tracking back to its source. By setting the internal parameters such as assigning resources, tracking status, and stages of approval, the planning stage sets the groundwork for launching successful campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Execution

Fully engage in setting up the campaigns by designing the landing pages for the campaigns, developing the forms and tracking the social media scene. Create pre-defined criteria programs that can be used to interact with your leads and prospects automatically. Utilize lead scoring functions to gauge the interactions of your prospects with your landing pages, websites, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Assets & Media

Work directly with your internal marketing team and external marketing support to share files available through SharePoint, configure workflows and leverage the browser to exchange ideas and feedback. Additionally, access media purchasing sources for ease in placing ads with independent media channels.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Budgeting

Monitor spending and track expenses with the financial tools found in Dynamics CRM marketing campaigns. Although it is not a substitute for an existing ERP system, it does provide access to expenses, quotes, payments and invoices related to the marketing activity.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Performance

Build on the insight gained by project successes and marketing analytics with enterprise reporting capabilities native to Dynamics Marketing campaign management. The solution is designed to fully integrate its functions with those of O365, Power BI and Dynamics CRM. Seamlessly synchronize your Dynamics CRM accounts, contacts, and leads with marketing campaigns to pinpoint and focus on the leads that qualify as sales opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing campaign management is available as a stand-alone service from Microsoft Online Services Platform. It is also available as part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise license.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (stand-alone service)

Microsoft Dynamic Marketing campaign management is available as a stand-alone cloud service and can be integrated with on-premises and hosted deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 deployments using the Marketing Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • $125/month for full User Subscription License (USL)
  • Includes 5 GB Storage
  • 50,000 emails/month

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise license

The Microsoft Dynamics includes Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Listening all in one package. The bundle is recommended for enterprise marketing professionals. Taking advantage of the bundle consolidates your efforts and rewards you with cost savings.

  • $200/month for full User Subscription License (USL)
  • The Enterprise license includes Parature and the Unified Service Desk for customer service

Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

  • Additional Product Instances available at $250/month
  • Additional test instances available at $150/month
  • Added storage @ $9.99/GB/month
  • Microsoft email marketing service for messaging available for $50/10,000 messages

xRM delivers professional services in the deployment of your Microsoft Marketing campaign management, as a stand-alone solution or as part of your enterprise bundle. Please contact us for additional information on our consulting packages to begin using the powerful marketing tool that will shift how you reach your customers, capture your successes in real time analytics and provide you a 360o view of your marketing return on investment.