The guide below can help you decide which deployment model is best for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the best choice for most companies with five or more users. With CRM Online, Microsoft hosts the application and performs all updates, upgrades, and backups. Microsoft also provides technical support.

The cost of CRM Online is determined by the license type. Note that Microsoft requires a minimum of five Professional licenses ($65 per user, per month) before a subscriber can add Basic ($30) or Essential Licenses ($15). There are no setup fees, but a one-year contract is required.

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best choice for companies that need fewer than five users. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers greater flexibility in terms of unsanctioned code, upgrades, and updates. In this model, xRM hosts the application and performs all updates, upgrades, and backups. xRM also provides technical support.

The monthly cost of Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM licenses varies according to license type: Professional ($65 per-user, per-month), Basic ($30 per-user, per-month), and Essential ($15 per-user, per-month). There is a minimum of one Professional license for a Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM account.

The setup fees for Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts vary depending on whether the subscriber selects a shared environment or a dedicated environment. The setup fees for a shared environment are $50 per user. The setup fees for a dedicated environment start at $3500.

On-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM

On-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the greatest amount of control over your deployment. For companies that already have the expertise, hardware, and prerequisite software in place, it also offers the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration

Regardless of which deployment model you choose, we recommend that you attend our live Microsoft Dynamics CRM demonstration if you are unfamiliar with the product.