Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the cloud version of the innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software from Microsoft. It provides the sales, service, marketing tools, social, and customer intelligence tools you need to build relationships and provide amazing experiences to your customers.

Why are so many companies embracing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the best and most complete integration with Outlook and Office 365. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Outlook, you can track emails and appointments against specific records in your CRM database, synchronize contacts, emails, and other activities, and even access all your CRM records from within the Outlook user interface.
  2. For $65 per user, per month for the Professional license, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online delivers unparalleled value, providing industry-leading sales, service, marketing, customer intelligence, and social functionality.
  3. It runs in the cloud. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware or software licenses. You also never have to worry about maintenance, backups, or upgrades.
  4. It provides an intuitive user interface, reducing training time and improving user adoption.
  5. Your data is zealously protected, and Microsoft offers a 99.9% financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  6. It is highly customizable. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can create your own dashboards, reports, custom fields, processes, and even new record types (entities) within the user interface of CRM—no programmers required.
  7. It features a powerful workflow engine that can dramatically improve efficiency through the automation of CRM tasks.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available at four different license levels: Enterprise ($200 per user, per month), Professional ($65 per user, per month), Basic ($30 per user, per month), and Essential ($15 per user, per month). All new CRM Online subscriptions must have a minimum of five (5) Professional licenses.

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Why Choose xRM as Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner?

At xRM, we live to help organizations deploy CRM solutions that precisely meet their business requirements. We have worked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since its inception. In that time, we have assisted companies in every industry deploy innovative solutions that increase sales, improve customer service, and boost efficiency. Read about some of our customers’ success stories here.

Our Professional Services run the gamut from Strategic Analysis to Data Migration, Customization to Training, and more.

Every xRM customer gains access to the Success Portal, a free online video training library dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

The Six Steps to a Successful CRM Online Deployment

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online FAQ

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