Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is arguably the best overall Customer Relationship Management solution on the market today. No other CRM product matches the unique combination of features, flexibility, innovation, and value. With an intuitive new user interface, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 features quick access to all of the information that your employees need to sell more, market more efficiently, and wow your existing customers with terrific customer care. Because the platform supports all facets of a typical business, adopting the full feature set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can completely transform your business. Through the automation of repetitive tasks, to a customizable business process flow, adopting a powerful system such as this has never been easier to achieve.

Benefits of On-Premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Deployments

While the cloud has a lot of momentum right now, which you can test out and see if it’s right for you in free Microsoft 365 trials, there are a variety of reasons that companies continue to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises.

  • Greater control – On-premises CRM deployments provide you with a greater level of control over how your CRM organization and database are configured. With an on-premises deployment, you have complete control over settings, updates, and upgrades, as well as direct access to the underlying SQL database. You also have the freedom to host unmanaged code that is not supported in online CRM organizations.
  • Lower long-term cost of ownership – Larger companies that have the expertise in-house to deploy, maintain, and manage a CRM deployment will likely find that the per-user, monthly cost of on-premises CRM is actually lower than online CRM solutions.
  • Maintain physical control of your data – Many companies prefer, or are required, to maintain physical control over their data at all times. For some people, the idea of their data residing in the cloud is disconcerting, no matter how safe the cloud actually is.
  • Meets industry or government requirements – Some industries, such as healthcare, have very specific requirements regarding the storage, transmission, and security of data. In some cases, on-premises CRM is the only option.
  • Not dependent on Internet connectivity – With an on-premises deployment, you still have access to your CRM if the Internet goes down.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Cost

The cost of an on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 deployment depends on a number of factors, including the number of users and whether you already own the prerequisite licenses, including Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

In order to deploy MS CRM 2016 on-premises, you will need a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016 license for each instance. You will also need to license each user with a User CAL or each device with a Device CAL. Most companies will find it more economical to license their users rather than to license devices because User CALs are good on up to five devices, and many employees use more than one device to access CRM.

All internal users, including employees, affiliates, and onsite contractors who need to access CRM must be licensed. Access by external users is included in the Server License.

Estimated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 retail pricing*

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016 – $7265
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional User CAL – $1647
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional Device CAL – $1161
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic User CAL – $573
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basic Device CAL – $348
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential User CAL – $132
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential Device CAL – $116.79

* Prices are in US dollars for the North American region. Prices may vary by region. The prices and license information on this page are provided for educational purposes only and are not a guarantee of price, features, or availability. Various discount programs are available through the Volume Licensing Enterprise Agreement and other programs. Software Assurance is available at an extra cost.

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