Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

In the business world, it is extremely important to have a solid set of powerful communications tools at your disposal. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a messaging and collaborative software product and is an integral part of any business’ infrastructure. The following is a list of some of the key features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007:

  • Electronic Mail
  • Calendar
  • Contacts and Tasks
  • Mobile Support
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Data Storage
  • Voice Mail Integration
  • Web Service Support
  • High Level of Security

xRM offers Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in two ways: on-premise and hosted. In the on-premise model, we setup your business with an exchange server that resides at your location. Since this can be a large step, it can be advantageous to use our hosted exchange server model.

In xRM’s hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 model, the pain and hassle that comes with maintaining a dedicated Exchange server is mitigated. With a hosted exchange server, we set up user accounts in our secure data center, and bill you at a monthly rate that is proportional to the number of user accounts you require.

Service Type Microsoft Exchange 500MB Microsoft Exchange 1GB Microsoft Exchange 2GB
Microsoft ActiveSync Included Included Included
Send/Receive Limit 20 MB 20 MB 20 MB
Postini Included Included Included
Price $17.95 / month $20.95 / month $25.95 / month

From all of us at xRM, thank you for the opportunity. We look forward to being of service. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.
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