As a Microsoft Partner, we are committed to serving our customers with the latest Microsoft products and technologies. At xRM, we are dedicated to exclusively serving Microsoft software products with very few exceptions. We feel that Microsoft invests more in their software products than any other software publisher continues to offer the best solutions available. Additionally, Microsoft produces the majority of the technologies that are already used in the corporate world. Because of this, the transition to the Microsoft technologies we use would be a smooth one. We feel that our job is to listen and understand what you are attempting to achieve, and then educate you on the best way to accomplish these goals. In most circumstances, Microsoft has the best available solution and this is why we are exclusively dedicated to serving Microsoft’s software.

When it comes to hardware, we believe Dell and Cisco are the best choices. Dell clearly offers the most value when it comes to servers, workstations, and laptops. We are and have been an authorized Dell reseller for almost a decade, and have been completely satisfied with all of their products. Cisco is the clear choice for all switching and networking needs.

Solving Your Problems and Building Good Solutions

These are the most common products that we leverage to automate and serve our customers business needs.

From all of us at xRM, thank you for the opportunity. We look forward to being of service. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Contact Us