Campaigns, appeals and events, plus marketing automation and much more all tied to results

Communicating with your donors is vital, regardless of giving capacity. But the tools available to you to interact with your prospects and past donors haven’t been up to snuff with the demands of reaching people in this new, complex communication world.

Foundation xRM can help you fix all that.

All the functionality you’d expect and much more is here in our campaigns functions. Whether you have big, long-term campaigns with hundreds of appeals, or smaller campaigns with limited solicitiations, we’ve got the tools you need to manage it and track results in real-time.

If you depent on events for your fundraising activities, no problem, we’ve got you covered. And the system is designed to allow you to configure the events functionality to your specific needs. Add or remove data you want to track. Record invitations, registrations and attendance. And track it all to funds-raised.

Marketing Automation is a big deal these days, because it allows you to grow your fundraising capacity in annual giving dramatically. It also drives actual delivery of all kinds of messages including receipts, acknowledgements, announcements and anything else you want delivered to the donor. Store templates and populate data dynamically and variably to create a personalized touch and increase donor response.

Running events, campaigns or appeals without tracking them directly to gifts against costs is just guesswork. Even sending emails and letters without tracking open rates and responses means you could be wasting money. Foundation xRM ties all marketing, communication and events data back to various results including clicks, opens, web-page visits, gift-form abandons, responses and, or course, gifts.

You can also set up landing pages, post surveys, forms and more, and have the answers go directly into the donor record in Foundation xRM.