A solution that actually adapts to your unique organization

There are two basic kinds of technologies in CRM for donor management and fundraising. First, there are applications. The second are relatively new solutions called Platforms.

Software applications are programs you log into and use through a user-interface. You probably use dozens in a week. Word processors, spreadsheets, and web-pages are all applications. They are designed for a specific use and not meant to be modified or expanded upon beyond some basics.

A platform, on the other hand, is a solution and framework that includes a software application, but can then be modified, configured, integrated-to, customized and extended to adapt in great length to an organization’s uniqueness.

And how much time and money do you spend building and maintaining processes and systems outside your advancement system that exist to perform functions the advancement system just plain can’t do? Foundation xRM allows you to extend the system and remove those limitations and that support and maintenance nightmare.

Foundation xRM is advancement’s first true platform. Rather than forcing you to adapt your processes, language and work to the system, the xRM platform can be configured to enable what makes you unique–and great!