A fundraising solution that’s focused on helping you raise more money

Depending on your role in the fundraising organization, your needs in the advancement system will vary. And the system should make EVERYONE better in performing his/her role.

Foundation xRM puts the information each user, team or role needs, right up front in our nifty dashboards.

Work Management
It doesn’t matter whether you want to track tasks, interactions, donors, gifts, reports or any other part of the system, whatever your work is, you can create dashboards that bring the work right to you up-front in the system. You can build views for daily work, monthly review or annual analysis. And it can be configured even at the user level and controlled by security.

Charts, Graphs and Views
You can also set up interactive charts and graphs, lists of records, even embed a webpage or another system. You have ultimate flexibility to make the system work for you in a way that makes you better at your job.