Make stewardship a core competency and drive higher repeat giving

This is an area that’s been underserved in Advancement for too long. Foundation xRM has tools for managing and enabling your unique stewardship process at every level of the organization.

Task-based personal stewardship
In many cases, particularly Major Giving, there’s a need for hands-on stewardship work that requires the fundraiser, a VP or other stakeholders and even recipients of the funds. The system is designed to help you manage those tasks, communications and work that comes after the gift. You can even add a pre-defined group of stewardship tasks or messages regarding a donor or a gift in a single click. Then those tasks and work hit your dashboard and show up in Outlook.

Automated stewardship
For those non-major gifts, you can use the marketing and communications tools to automate receipts, acknowledgements, call-backs, and future giving opportunities.