A good fundraising solution that’s focused on helping you raise more money

Most advancement offices feel like they’re stuck putting data into a system that does little more for them than hold the information.

Foundation xRM was built with outputs in mind.

Research at your fingertips
Where do your donors and prospects live? What donors are you underserving? What potential major donors do you not even have on your radar?

Foundation xRM makes it easy to surface these answers in a way that they can immediately be addressed. From communication automation to research request workflow, you’ll want to see what we’ve got.

Prospect Management tailored to your unique institution
One of the challenges Advancement offices have faced in the past is that the software they use is designed to be very vanilla and may not meet the needs of their prospect managment process.

And beyond that, the tools for successfully managing the proposal process have been nearly non-existant. Who needs to be called today? What tasks need to be performed for a proposal? Who’s involved in the gift? What stage are my proposals in?It all changes with Foundation xRM.