Foundation xRM

It’s a Platform

Foundation xRM is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nonprofit platform. That means it can be customized, configured, integrated to and extended. That means no more building separate mini-systems to do what your Advancement system can’t today.

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Research & Prospect Management

From research to stage/moves management to team fundraising and more, we’ve got the best donor management software in the business that is configured to match your organizations unique processes.

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Spiffy Security & Permissions

Every function, field, form and factor of xRM’s foundation management software is designed with security in mind. Even multi-campus and departmental security.

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Dashing Dashboards

With our dashboarding tools, each user role, team or user can personalize the data, tasks and outputs he/she wants right where it can be acted upon instantly, so there’s no wondering what needs to be done.

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Access all over

Desktop. Laptop. Tablet. Phone. Outlook. Web. Foundation xRM donor management software is available in the places you need it.

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Processing & Post-gift programs

It’s not glamorous, but it’s a vital function. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nonprofit has made posting batches and gifts smooth and automated the follow-up functions like credits, matching gifts and receipting.

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Marketing Automation & Events

From simple event invitations to complicated drip campaigns and marketing automation, we’ve got the best donor software with the goods nobody else offers.

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Stewardship Serendipity

What happens after the gift is processed? Are the follow-ups occurring? Are you losing the next gift because you’re not stewarding properly? Foundation xRM donor management software has the tools to help.

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The Foundation xRM platform, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also made for handling outbound and inbound calling campaigns and is a great tool for fundraising that’s totally integrated into your advancement system.

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