At xRM, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have a successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, and we created this page to help you achieve that goal.

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer, you can expect the following:

Microsoft will provide primary customer support and billing.

When you subscribe to CRM Online, you pay your monthly subscription fee directly to Microsoft. Microsoft includes customer support as part of your subscription. All of your questions about day-to-day operations of CRM Online and technical support inquiries should be directed to Microsoft. For directions regarding how to get help from Microsoft, please read “Where can I get help?” in our CRM Online FAQ.

As a CRM Online reseller, xRM is not involved in the billing of your CRM Online subscription and doesn’t provide primary support. If you need customer support beyond the scope of the responsibilities of Microsoft, such as training, customization, or add-ons, xRM is happy to help.

xRM will provide you with education and will offer value-added services that can help you get even more out of your CRM Online deployment.

xRM is a Microsoft Partner with Gold Competency in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We provide value-added services surrounding your CRM Online subscription. xRM offers its CRM Online customers a variety of free and premium tools and services.

As a CRM Online subscriber, you also have a few responsibilities that you need to meet to ensure that your deployment is successful.

  1. Make xRM your Microsoft Partner-of-Record (POR). When you make xRM your POR, we become your partner and consider you our “customer,” even if you pay us nothing. Marking xRM as your POR entitles you to receive extra services from us that Microsoft does not provide, including free CRM education and xRM-created tools.
  2. Take the time to learn the user interface and features of CRM Online and how the product can meet your business requirements. Our CRM Online page is a good place to start learning about the capabilities and features of CRM Online.
  3. Take advantage of our free educational resources. Our CRM Online education offerings include the Success Portal, which features Microsoft Dynamics CRM training videos, blog, newsletter, and weekly webinars.
  4. Understand the array of free and premium services and add-ons available from xRM to make CRM Online even more powerful.

Free Microsoft Dynamics CRM education and training

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