CWR CRM Mobile app from CWR Mobility provides a best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile experience on BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android devices. This CRM mobile app increases the productivity and efficiency of sales, service, and marketing professionals by putting all of the power of CRM in the palms of their hands. With native applications for every popular mobile platform, the Microsoft CRM mobile app provides convenient, interactive access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile data in an interface optimized for small screens.

CWR Mobile CRM Features

  • Familiar user experience brings Dynamics CRM to mobile devices.
  • Native mobile applications are available for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices.
  • Mobile dashboards provide convenient access to key metrics.
  • Mapping and navigation show the locations of contacts and accounts.
  • Offline data access means CRM mobile app users are never without access to their data.
  • Background synchronization automatically updates mobile Dynamics Online data when connection is restored.
  • In-app web browsing enables users to access SharePoint or other important sites without switching apps.
  • Multi-device access allows user to connect multiple devices to their CRM user.

Minimum requirements

  • You must have an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance (any deployment model is fine) with at least one user who wants to utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobile.
  • Each Microsoft Dynamics CRM user who wants to use the Dynamics CRM mobile app must have one of the supported mobile devices (Android™, BlackBerry®, iPad®, iPhone®, or Windows® Phone) with an existing data plan.
Monthly Cost $25 USD per user, per month
Contract Term Month-to-month
Set Up Fees $60 USD per user.
Minimum Number of Users One (1) user
Maximum Number of Users Maximum limit is based on hardware if Microsoft Dynamics CRM is deployed on premises. On-demand models have no practical limit.
Maximum number of devices per user Three (3) devices
Supported Mobile Devices BlackBerry®, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, and Windows Phone
CRM Online, partner-hosted, and on-premises internet-facing deployment (IFD) User may choose to sign a one-year commitment or a month-to-month commitment.
Special Deployments On-premises deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that are not Internet-Facing Deployments (IFD) can use CWR Dynamics CRM for mobile but require us to perform extra setup tasks that vary depending on each particular hardware configuration and therefore carry an extra cost that must be negotiated separately.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management application that provides enterprise-level Sales, Service, and Marketing capabilities to businesses of all sizes. It is completely scalable from one user to tens of thousands of users and can be deployed via various models, including on-demand and on-premises.


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