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Deploying a new CRM system can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these steps, you will be well on your way towards implementation success.

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Step 1 – Start Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial

Click the banner below to start your free 30-day CRM Dynamics trial and discover how Microsoft CRM Online can make your business more efficient and more profitable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial

Step 2 – Attend a Live Microsoft Dynamics CRM Demonstration

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services Demonstration –This free live demonstration introduces attendees to Microsoft CRM Online and provides a venue for asking any questions you may have.

Step 3 – Learn about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Why choose Microsoft CRM Online? – Explains the reasons that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the best CRM solution for many businesses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customer Expectations – What can you expect as a CRM Online subscriber?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pricing and Licensing Explanation – Explains the licensing options and pricing for CRM Online

Fifteen Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft CRM Online – A short FAQ that answers the 15 questions that we are asked most frequently

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online FAQ – A longer FAQ that answers all of the commonly-asked questions about CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Technical Specifications – Details the included storage, number of workflows and custom entities, uptime guarantee, etc. for Dynamics CRM Online organizations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center – The go-to site for Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscribers

Step 4 – Get Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training

The Success Portal – Dynamics CRM free online video training library

QuickStart CRM Training – Discounted online CRM training that can help you get up and running fast. Our Quick Start Training Package is a customizable 3-hour training package with a flexible curriculum. It’s designed to help new system administrators get the help they need on the topics they choose, such as workflow design, reporting, and dashboard creation. It can also be used for group training of new CRM users.

Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services – This Microsoft-produced video introduces the viewer to Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training Videos from Microsoft

Step 5 – Explore these Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services from xRM

Professional Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services from xRM can help your company deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM more quickly and more successfully. Professional Services include implementation, data migration, integration, business process analysis, Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization, workflow configuration, custom development, and training.

QuickStart Blueprint Service – The xRM QuickStart Blueprint service provides customized CRM deployment plan at a rate that is affordable for even the tightest budgets.

CRM Consulting – Hourly or prepaid, our expert consultants can help with training, customization, data migration, and many other critical tasks.

Prepaid Consulting – Discounted 10-hour blocks of consulting time that never expire

Step 6 – Bookmark these Microsoft Dynamics CRM Essential Links

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center

System Requirements

Product Support

Billing Support

Use Rights

Apply for non-profit pricing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Implementation Guide

Developer Center

Service Agreement

How to designate a Partner of Record

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