Microsoft Front Office Client Applications

Microsoft owns and controls your workstation/desktop/laptop via the operating system and productivity suite. Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages both better than its competitors with built-in Microsoft Outlook CRM integration for both platforms. By virtue of being the software developer for the other applications, they are able to implement native integration with them. Why bring in a third party application which will feature kludgy integration at best? As Microsoft continues to improve upon and release new versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they will design and implement more and more tight integration with Microsoft Office, embedding CRM natively inside of the platform. User adoption is one of the biggest reasons for CRM failures. As Microsoft continues to further integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM that integrates with Outlook into their office suite, the end user experience is going to become easier and more intuitive, which will increase user adoption.

Most of the competing CRM software will require the user launching an additional application to access their product. Thus, in addition to having Microsoft Outlook (and other Microsoft Office applications) open, the user will also need to launch the competitive CRM software. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM that integrates with Outlook, the user leverages Microsoft Outlook as their CRM client. Your users already know how to use Microsoft Outlook. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook integration, there is neither a steep learning curve nor any additional applications forced upon your users. With Outlook CRM integration, there is one less thing to launch on the desktop and one less vender application that needs to be supported. The user only needs to launch Microsoft Outlook and continue working with an application they are already comfortable and happy with. This bears repeating and cannot be over-emphasized: through Microsoft CRM integration with Outlook, Outlook works as CRM.

In addition, with Microsoft Outlook CRM integration, there is a second client that is available when the user does not have access to Microsoft Outlook. For example, if your users are travelling and Microsoft Outlook is not available to them for any reason, Microsoft CRM that integrates with Outlook can be accessed via ie (IE). Much like Microsoft Outlook/Exchange has a web client (Outlook Web Access), Microsoft CRM can also be served up as a regular web page. Simply jump on any machine with internet access and you will have full, secure access to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. xRM also offers specialized database migration tools in addition to Microsoft CRM Outlook integration.

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