Of the many CRM software currently available, the many Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits make it the clear choice. Here is a short and powerful outline that provides the most important and compelling Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits and reasons to choose this platform.

Why xRM selected Microsoft CRM?

Just as you are wondering about the many different types and benefits of CRM solutions available to you, the end user, we also had to make that same decision for our CRM practice. If you think your decision is tough, imagine what we went through in order to make our selection. We evaluated the benefits of CRM systems from all of the major vendors in the industry; including but not limited, Oracle (Siebel), Salesforce, SalesLogix, Entellium, NetSuite, SageCRM, SugarCRM.

The many Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits clearly make it the right choice for our customers’ business needs. Here are just some of the several Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits and reasons for its success. One of the most important Microsoft Dynamics CRM benefits is its common look and feel. If you are familiar with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Interent Explorer, you are familiar with Microsoft CRM’s user friendly interface. As most computer users already use and spend most of their day in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Internet Explorer, the acceptance level for their CRM solution greatly increases as they are not required to learn or use a third application that they have never seen before. Research concludes that 70% of business users spend 78% of their entire workday either in Microsoft Outlook or IE. These numbers are so staggering that the other CRM software publishers are forced to integrate their product with Outlook. Clearly, Microsoft CRM has a huge advantage.


First and foremost, it’s Microsoft. They are the largest and most profitable software company in the world. Microsoft has made a tremendous investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and they see it being a key application for Microsoft going forward. Yes, Microsoft was late to introduce a CRM application, but in this case, it has served to their advantage. They have been able to sit back and dissect the benefits of CRM of their competitors and the various models, then go to market with a thorough and powerful offering. Learn More

Back Office Server Stack

A majority of businesses today, large and small, are using Microsoft to run their network and the other core components of their back office. Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, etc, are all integrated and part of the Microsoft server stack. Learn More

Microsoft Outlook

Most of the competitive CRM software will require the user launching an additional application. So, in addition to having Microsoft Outlook (and other Microsoft Office applications) open, the user will also launch the competitive CRM software. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the user leverages Microsoft Outlook. Again, no new learning curve or additional application is forced upon your users. This is one of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: there is one less thing to launch on the desktop and one less vendor application that needs to be supported. The user only needs to launch Microsoft Outlook and continue working with an application they are already comfortable and happy with. Learn More

Financial Stability

One of the key benefits of utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM is taking comfort in their financial stability. Microsoft is in a league of their own when it comes to financial resources and commitment to their applications over time. Rarely have they ever gone after a software segment/application and not ended up the clear and dominant player. Learn More

.Net Development Platform

This flexible architecture framework is built to meet the most advanced integration needs of your business. Several years ago, CRM software were primarily about contact, account, sales and marketing, management. Today, Microsoft CRM is now a product that every facet of your business can leverage. Learn More