xRM is one of the only partners that has truly embraced the Microsoft “Power of Choice” messaging. What is the power of Choice? The power of choice is the power to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM and of picking how you would like it deployed.

  • Licensing. Choose if you want to purchase licenses or subscribe to them.
  • Deployment. You can choose which CRM options you want; on premise CRM, hosted CRM or hybrid CRM.
  • User Experience. Which CRM clients do I want to use? Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or both. You also have the option to use a custom Portal, Microsoft Office SharePoint and even a Mobile Device.

You have the choice to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, or have a per month per user subscription; choose how you want to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have the choice on how to give your users access to CRM.

  • Choose the on premise CRM options if you are looking to manage the solution on site, and purchase all required software and hardware.
  • If you are looking to get up and running immediately then your best choice CRM is the Hosted Microsoft CRM.
  • Hybrid CRM is the best choice CRM if you want to own Microsoft licenses but don’t want to worry about managing hardware, or, alternately, if you want to manage your own hardware and have a hosted CRM application. Visit our Hybrid CRM page to learn more about the combination of the on-premise CRM model and hosted CRM model.
  • You can customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for use within Microsoft Office Outlook, Internet Explorer, a Customer Portal and even a Mobile Device. There’s no learning curve since its software you already know how to use.

It is also important to point out that the Power of Choice not only gives you the flexibility to find and select the best CRM options upfront, the power of choice, the power of choice also gives the ability to move amongst the models at anytime. Businesses are dynamic and they are always changing. The power of choice CRM understands this and is just as dynamic as your business is. Start hosted and fast with a small user count. Test the solution to ensure it works for you and that your users like it. If they do and if you begin adding users you can always move to an on-premise or hybrid model if you feel they are better models for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with the choices and flexibility you need to make sure the solution is a good fit for your business.

From all of us at xRM, thank you for the opportunity. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Contact Us.