On premises CRM is the traditional implementation of a CRM management software package. Microsoft CRM licensing and the hardware needed to run it are purchased up front and managed on site by the customer. In this selection, the customer owns every piece of material that is needed to run a Microsoft CRM solution and is responsible for its use and maintenance. Some companies find comfort and security in this traditional model of on premise CRM systems; however the up front cost can be a pain point. This is not the solution we recommend for first time CRM software users.

The licensing requirements for each user for a Microsoft On Premise CRM solution are as follows:

  • Microsoft CRM server and client
  • Windows Server and client
  • Microsoft SQL Server and client
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and client

*Note: This does not include any hardware or maintenance requirements.

Different Versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise

CRM On Premise Workgroup Pro Enterprise
Features Sales, Services, Marketing, Workflow, and System Customization Sales, Services, Marketing, Workflow, System Customization, and Single Tenant Plus: Supports Multi-Tenancy
Customer Support 5 Users 5 users 5 users
Training Services Extra Extra Extra
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Secure Access Rights Windows Active Directory Windows Active Directory Windows Active Directory

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