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More quality work in less time. Configure xRM to increase productivity by delivering only the data that matters to you. Easily configure your own dashboards. Better BI.

You can fully customize and extend our solution to fit your unique needs and speed up your daily tasks. Behind the scene, xRM stays up-to-date automatically and evolves to a constantly changing technology landscape.

The xRM Solution

We commonly hear four key technology challenges from Advancement organizations:

  • We enter a lot of data but don’t get much value back out.
  • Our systems are dated, manual and non-transparent.
  • The system can’t do anything other than what it was rigidly designed to do. Anything unique is done outside the system and the data is lost.
  • We pay a ton of money for a system we can’t prove helps us raise more money.

Revolutionizing Advancement

We seeks to overcome these issues by collecting better data to deliver process automation, accessible and transparent data, and outcome-focused actions which enable organizations to raise more money.

For example, consider Stewardship. This is an area that’s been undeserved in Advancement systems for too long. Our solution has tools for managing and automating your unique stewardship process at every level of the organization.

What happens after the gift is processed? Are the follow-ups occurring? Are you losing the next gift because you’re not stewarding properly? xRM has solutions to workflow and automate those processes and make sure nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to stewardship serendipity.

In many cases, particularly Major Giving, there’s a need for hands-on stewardship work that requires the fundraiser, a VP or other stakeholders and even recipients of the funds. The system is designed to help you manage those tasks, communications and work that comes after the gift. You can even add a pre-defined group of stewardship tasks or messages regarding a donor or a gift in a single click. Then those tasks and work hit your dashboard and show up in Outlook.

Integration directly into Outlook for specific Advancement Functionality.

A Focus on Automation

When it comes to automated stewardship for those non-major gifts, you can use the marketing and communication tools to automate receipts, acknowledgements, call-backs, and future giving opportunities. And all of it comes standard with reporting and transparency necessary to ensure the work is done and the results are satisfactory.

Below is an exemple of a detailed reportable audit log.

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