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Making fundraising better for everyone

We have been providing software development and consulting services on the Microsoft Dynamics platform since it was first released in 2003. A few years ago we were consulting for a higher ed and non-profit organization and learned how under-served the fundraising and advancement markets have been. We saw very clunky, expensive and inflexible systems not serving the needs of the market. We immediately sought to disrupt the market with user-driven tools, utilizing the power of extensible and configurable platforms.

You shouldn’t be forced to do things one way just because the software is designed that way. The Dynamics platform allows us to match the solution with your unique organizational needs. We love the fundraising and advancement space and are committed to making it better. Our Foundation solution is the realization of that and is changing the way the fundraising market thinks about the technology platforms that enable it.

“We seek to shake-up the market and replace the complacency of current offerings with innovative leading edge solutions to help you raise more money and improve the donor experience.”

With the power and innovation of the Microsoft platform and partner network supporting us, we’re going to make fundraising better for everyone.

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