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Liam earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Central Washington University. After a short stint doing IT work for a native health organization in Alaska, he moved to California to join the xRM team working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, 10 years later and living in Washington state, he puts his skills and experience with Dynamics 365, C#.Net, and a variety of web technologies to use; helping colleges and universities design and build tailor-made solutions to their fundraising and advancement needs.

Liam Devlin – Senior Architect, Microsoft Dynamics Higher Education

Lance McLean – Founder & CEO

Lance is responsible for the “all-up performance” of the company, finding the “x” factor, and bringing his energy and business philosophy to our team. Our standard is 100% accountability and we honor everything we do. Because of that, xRM aspires to attain 100% customer satisfaction. Lance has over 20 years’ experience in the sales force automation industry. Lance maintains strategic relationships with our customers and partners and wants your institution to be successful. It is the philosophy that drives him and the xRM team and is evident across xRM’s portfolio of products and services. Lance has built xRM’s reputation by understanding that customers expect transparency, integrity, fairness, and accountability. His direction and goals remain consistent and clear: making institutions more efficient through the deployment of thoughtfully designed and executed software solutions delivered via the cloud. By embracing new technologies and delivering on customer expectations, he has built a practice that has maintained high customer retention and achieved high levels of partnership recognition from Microsoft. Lance received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and has had the wonderful opportunity to grow up, live, and travel all the world. He loves people, good food, all sorts of cultures, animals, the ocean, and is a huge sports fan.

Thave manages a team of .NET developers responsible for our business. With over 15 years of experience, Thave has managed teams of large sizes on Enterprise level application implementations throughout the entire development cycle. He has also worked very closely with Microsoft Consulting Services and has also taken lead of teams consisting of some of the most respected individuals in the CRM industry. His focus is on keeping our Advancement products relevant by continuously enhancing functionality within our solution set by utilizing the latest technologies. He is involved with all of our key accounts, gathering crucial feedback and working new functionality into our core products.

Thaveshan Reddi – Vice President, Solution Architect & Consulting

Yan Sun – Controller

Yan Sun is our Controller and has been with our company since its inception. She manages the day-to-day finances of the company and is also responsible for human resources and vendor relations. She was born, raised, and educated in Beijing, China. Now residing in Orange County, CA she enjoys her family, her dogs, cooking, and traveling.

With nearly two decades experience in CRM and over ten in higher education Advancement technology, Ryan was successful in leading the first implementation of a CRM platform in the non-profit/advancement space. Since, he has led design of the leading fundraising solution for Microsoft CRM, and engages with customers for deployment unique to each institution’s needs. Ryan has a Bachelors in Business Management from Utah Valley University and has consulted organizations on CRM and marketing automation strategy all over the world.

Ryan Teeples – Vice President, Advancement Strategist


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