What are the most important benefits from choosing xRM?

xRM leverages the next generation of intelligent business applications from Microsoft. It is a cloud-based subscription model that supports working from any device, any location, and is integrated into the applications you already use.

Accelerate your advancement and fundraising efforts by breaking down data silos to connect more efficiently with your constituents and spend more time building better relationships.

Modern. Intelligent. Adaptable.

You can easily configure our solution to match your exact needs. Microsoft is responsible for keeping the application current and since it is delivered in the cloud you always have the most current version.

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My current CRM feels a bit dated. I feel like I am wasting a lot of time using it. How will your solution help?

xRM is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform and delivers native integration with Office 365 and allows you to use and work in the applications you are already using. This makes us extremely agile, always up-to-date, and secure.

Better and faster results

More quality work in less time. Configure xRM to increase productivity by delivering only the data that matters to you. Easily configure your own dashboards. Better BI. You can fully customize and extend our solution to fit your unique needs and speed up your daily tasks. Behind the scene, xRM stays up-to-date automatically and evolves to a constantly changing technology landscape.

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Lasting relationships

Build more meaningful relationships with people that make a difference. With our advanced data tracking and personalized insights, create a better donor experience and increase alumni engagement.

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So...I see that your solution is a subscription based cloud offering. Can you tell me more about your security?

Microsoft has developed leading-edge best practices in the design and management of online services. Click here to download a copy of the Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects.


Focus on your advancement goals and let Microsoft handle your database security. You have full control and tracking over department and multi-campus access. Microsoft cloud services are built on a foundation of trust and security. Microsoft provides you security controls and capabilities to help you protect your data and applications.

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Common Data Model

With the purpose of facilitating consistent data across an advancement office, Microsoft has published accelerators that are part of the Common Data Model (CDM).

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