You no longer need to walk away from Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration projects in frustration

because of the complexity of the API, especially with open-source frameworks.

While we respect and enjoy the rich features of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API, we also believe that everyone can benefit from a simplification of it. That’s why xRM has reduced the Microsoft Dynamics API to simple REST interface!

Easy to Start

The Wrapper Service is easy to use. You simply supply a Microsoft Dynamics CRM username and password, and our service takes care of the authentication layer of the API and allows your code to call some very simple REST endpoints for the CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE methods in CRM. That makes programming against the Microsoft Dynamics API a breeze from any language that supports REST, such as PHP, Python, and other open source platforms. Naturally, it also simplifies Microsoft-based languages such as C# and Visual Basic .NET. You can test out our service by using the Advanced REST Client for Chrome, or from your favorite programming language. Just contact us with the Get Started link above, and we will walk you through it.


150 per month*

*allows for 10,000 transactions per month





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