The Microsoft .NET Framework, at its heart, is a large set of software libraries and technologies that allow developers to rapidly build and deploy a multitude of application types using a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). By using this CLI, applications can be written that communicate with each other seamlessly using proven patterns and technologies. As well, the .NET Framework provides an abstraction layer over the operating system to allow .NET applications to be agnostic to the medium they are running on, whether that is a desktop computer, the cloud, or a mobile device.

At xRM, we have built a large team of highly skilled .NET developers. Having resources with expertise in .NET technologies is instrumental in our delivering effective business solutions for a few key reasons:

1) Common Architecture: .NET applications share a common library of core components. When a .NET application is compiled, it sits in an intermediate language which is understood by other .NET applications, regardless of their particular original languages. This is a major advantage to working with a .NET team—when you understand the architecture, you can make applications that are extremely performant and work in unison.

2) Extensive Library Base: The .NET architecture has been evolving continually since the initial beta release in 2000. Over this time, .NET has grown into a massive base library, giving developers the tools to develop applications with prebuilt objects and models.

3) Applications on the Cloud: Via web services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, .NET developers can expose internal and web-facing services to be consumed by other applications and services. Line-of-business applications no longer have to sit on an individual’s computer, but can rather sit on a server and be accessed from anywhere in the world via the web. Employees in the field are no longer hindered, as they can consume their data from their laptop or on a mobile device. By web enabling your applications, you can reduce cost and increase scalability.

4) .NET Community: There is a massive community of .NET developers out there, encountering challenges, sharing insights, and developing best-practice solutions and standards for commonly encountered development scenarios. Through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) online library, Microsoft has made a major investment to grow .NET into one of the most thoroughly documented architectures in the world.

By leveraging the .NET architecture and adhering to best-practice solutions, our xRM team can help your business to become more efficient and scalable for our fast-paced world.