Freedom to Focus on Your Core Business – Whatever business you are in, switching to Managed IT Services allows you to redistribute your time, resources, and personnel from IT management to your core business with profound benefits for your bottom line.

Pro-active IT – In traditional IT support model, consultants are reactive. They are actually incentivized (they make money on billable hours) if/when things are going wrong. We have a different approach rather than waiting for something to break. Instead of reacting to an outage or failure, advocate preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring and health checks to ensure that services remain online and available.

Managed Backups – Do you know where your data is stored? Is it being backed up? Have your backups been tested? What would happen if you suffered a catastrophic hardware failure? Don’t let the answers to these questions keep you up at night. We will ensure that you have fully functioning backups that you can rely on. The backups will be tested, taken offsite, and retention schedules set appropriately for your business needs.

Data Security – Is your business concerned about data theft? Do you have a comprehensive solution around data security and storage? Do you know who has access to what? Leverage Active Directory for access permissions and security principals. We will ensure that your data is secure and safely stored. Users will only be able to see the files they are granted access to.

User Onboarding – How long does it take to bring a new employee online? Let us manage the entire process. You do the hiring, we’ll take care of the rest and make sure that on their first day, they will have everything they need to begin working. Their user accounts will be created, the correct security principals for network access are applied, workstations will be purchased and configured, and all necessary software will be installed so that they will be able to be productive as soon as they start.

Centralized Patch Management/Anti-Virus definitions – Windows Updates and AV scan definitions are centrally managed, where from one console, the health status of all member workstations can be viewed at a glance. This ensures that all necessary security updates and windows patches updates are automatically applied, and virus definitions are updated to make sure your workstations are protected at all times.

Fixed cost – Know what you are going to spend on IT in any given month. You are billed based on how many users/services you subscribe to—you only pay for what you use. No surprises. Your IT budget will be predictable every month.

Turn-key solution – We offer everything you need to get your business up and running. From email/file management, to CRM and accounting systems, we can quickly provision all the services you require to run your business. We have solutions for all of the most common business applications/services, including:

  • Exchange
  • Sharepoint
  • Lync
  • SQL
  • Quickbooks
  • CRM
  • DNS
  • Remote Desktop

Dedicated Account Manager – You’ll get access to a dedicated account manager. They will understand your business, and know your users. You’ll see the same tech on a weekly basis, and they will own any of the open issues until it is resolved. You won’t need to call a help desk based overseas—simply reach out to your account manager.

Cloud Services Delivered by Microsoft – Leverage Microsoft’s O365 infrastructure for your Microsoft application needs. Subscribe to Microsoft’s business applications with no upfront cost with a 99.9% financially backed uptime guarantee.