One of the most common reasons that CRM implementations fail is due to inadequate or a complete lack of training. While some familiarity with the system will be gained from the testing phase, true training is absolutely required for a successful deployment. Knowing and seeing this over the years has led us to develop a rigorous method and platform for CRM training.

As part of this phase, xRM provides the following:

  • Three hours of live training online with a trainer in recorded sessions. Sessions can be as little as one hour each, and are recorded, with the video recording made available to the customer to be used going forward. The customer works with xRM trainers to create the agenda and topics of the training.
  • A custom video that walks the user through the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as it has been customized to meet your business needs.
  • Access to our Learning Management System, where both your custom video is stored and consumed online by your users.
  • A custom course that consists of the custom video plus up to five chosen existing videos from the existing LMS library (over 400 videos.)
  • Operational use of the Learning Management System, where trainees can be tracked with respect to which videos they watched, their quiz scores, and their course progress.

xRM is committed to training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM because we know from experience that this part of the deployment can be easily overlooked and can result in a lack of user adoption, and ultimately failure. This is why we place so much emphasis on this critical phase.