Customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, hosted by Microsoft have access to Microsoft Support for break/fix issues. Customers of Partner Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered by xRM have access to break/fix issues as described in our support page.

In addition to these support options, the QuickStart package includes two hours of support for items that go beyond what is available, such as modifications, additional training, or any type of work that we can do to help. The time is consumed in 30-minute increments. Because you are choosing to deploy with the best possible practices in using this package, we do not anticipate needing a great deal of this type of support, but we include it in the event that you do.

If you wish to continue support after this initial time is exhausted, it’s possible to do so through our prepaid blocks of support, which never expire. Many companies take advantage of this option and keep “hours on the books” so they can get instant expert help when they need it.